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"I've always been an avid reader. My favorite stories growing up included Sherlock Holmes, works by Neil Gaiman, the Harry Potter series, Little Women, and Edgar Alen Poe. 

I am constantly working on a new writing project of my own.  Below are a few of my favorites."





"Writing Theo" is about a struggling writer who comes to terms with her overactive imagination versus her reality through the eyes of her imaginary friend Theo.  This film deals with childhood trauma and anxiety as well as the life of a Millennial artist living in New York City. Feature Film.
Recently accepted as a
in ScreenCraft's Screenwriting Fellowship.

Instagram: @WritingTheoFilm

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A young woman goes to a college party and experiences sexual assault. She returns home and attempts to commit suicide when a little girl stops her from doing so. 
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Winner of 
Best Short Film at the IFFNY Film Festival  
Best Indie Film (March 2018) Top Shorts Festival 

Instagram: @innocencefilm2017

"A Silent Night in the NICU"

"A Silent Night in the NICU" tells the story of new parents in the early 1990s when their delivery doctor fails to diagnose a preventable infection cause the newborn baby to be admitted minutes after birth. Based on a true story.
Recently accepted as a
in Season 5 of the Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship

"You'll Know When You Get There"

A new mother returning to work after an extended maternity leave seeks serenity in a coffee shop after spending three years in quarantine with her now 3-year-old devil child and over-supportive husband.
Grand Prize Winner
As part of the Philadelphia Drama Center's
72-Hour "Bake-Off" challenge,

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