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  • Miranda Jean Larson

"INNOCENCE" Interview with NY Elite Magazine

Miranda Jean Larson was recently interviewed alongside her Co-Director and Producer by NY Elite Magazine for her film Innocence and for their involvement with the International Filmmaker's Festival of NY where Innocence will make its World Premiere on May 28th, 2018.  

NY Elite: What message do you want to convey with this project?

Miranda Jean Larson: "The message I originally wanted for the film is more apparent after you watch it, to remind yourself that it’s ok to remember to be happy.

I also wanted to explore what it would be like on film to see an assault from behind the victim’s eyes rather than as a bystander or police officer, or even the rapist as we’ve seen from so many other films and television shows.

Since I wrote the first original script back in 2011, the world has evolved. While we were editing the film, the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke and the #MeToo movement took over the internet and media. But my script barely changed. The rape was always part of the story, and the man was always “the nice guy”. This story isn’t new as I’m sure many people have realized over the last year."​

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