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GROUP (feature film) | Film Editor

Chicago Cinema Awards: Best Editing Feature Film

Brdgefest Film Festival (Vancouver): Best Feature Film Editor

South Korea Independent Film Festival: Best Editor

Bab Al Bahrain International Film Festival: Best Editor

Innocence (short film | Producer, Screenwriter, Actress, Co-Director)

IFFNY 2018: Best Short Film

Top Shorts Online Film Festival: Best Indie Film (March 2018)

Top Shorts Online Film Festival: Best Young Actress (March 2018)

Top Shorts Online Film Festival: Hon. Mention Best Actor (March 2018)

L.A. Shorts Awards Best Show Film- Bronze Award (May 2018)

The Indie Film Awards: Award of Recognition Women Filmmakers

You'll Know When You Get There (short play | Playwright)

Philadelphia Dramatist's Centre 72-Hr Bake-Off Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Writing Theo (feature film script | Screenwriter)

Screencrafts Screenwriter's Fellowship (Semi-Finalist)




by Original CINematic, LLC

My first editing feature film has been showing at festivals around the world and collecting incredible responses and awards including my first editing awards as Best Feature Film Editor!

CPIFF 2024 Indie Film Review


The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway!

I was excited to have my tech Broadway Debut

with my 24 Hour Plays family as their video designer for the first live New York performance back since the pandemic began. 

Playbill Announcement


"You'll Know When You Get There", a short play written for the Philadelphia Dramatists' Center

won the Grand Prize for their Bake-Off 72-Hour Playwrighting Challenge!

"You'll Know When You Get There" tells the story of a new mother coming back to her career out of quarantine after spending every waking second with her three-year-old daughter.  The piece incorporated three prompts for the challenge: an iced coffee, a typewriter, and a confession. 


"Writing Theo" made it to the Semi-Finalist round of ScreenCraft's Screenwriting Fellowship! Thank you ScreenCraft for the amazing honor!

"Writing Theo" is a Millennial coming of age story about a struggling writer who comes to terms with the reality of her life through the eyes of her imaginary friend Theo. 


"INNOCENCE" Hollywood World Magazine Interview

Hollywood World Magazine spoke with Miranda after her short filmInnocence won Best Short Film at the IFFNY Film Festival last May.  

"As filmmakers we have a special medium in which we tell stories, and to me it’s a bigger responsibility than even theater might be because films can be shared more frequently all over the world to all kinds of people rather than just those who might go to the theater regularly. Whether we decide to use storytelling to convey a specific message to “change the world” or not, we still inspire people with new ideas even if we don’t mean to. It is human nature to tell stories. It’s how we connect and evolve."

- Miranda Jean Larson

(Producer, Co-Director, Screenwriter, Actor "Survivor")


"INNOCENCE" Interview with NY Elite Magazine

Miranda Jean Larson was recently interviewed alongside her Co-Director and Producer by NY Elite Magazine for her film Innocence and for their involvement with the International Filmmaker's Festival of NY where Innocence will make its World Premiere on May 28th, 2018.  

NY Elite: What message do you want to convey with this project?

Miranda Jean Larson: "The message I originally wanted for the film is more apparent after you watch it, to remind yourself that it’s ok to remember to be happy.

I also wanted to explore what it would be like on film to see an assault from behind the victim’s eyes rather than as a bystander or police officer, or even the rapist as we’ve seen from so many other films and television shows.

Since I wrote the first original script back in 2011, the world has evolved. While we were editing the film, the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke and the #MeToo movement took over the internet and media. But my script barely changed. The rape was always part of the story, and the man was always “the nice guy”. This story isn’t new as I’m sure many people have realized over the last year."​

"INNOCENCE" FILM REVIEW (Top Shorts Online Film Festival)

"Innocence is a beautiful film that is both sad and inspiring.  A child named Paige tries to save a sexually assaulted teenager from committing suicide.  Wonderful performances by Mikayla Desroches (as Paige) and Miranda Jean Larson (who also wrote the script). 

What I love most about this short film, is that it makes you deeply relate to the main character in a very short time.  The POV (point of view) shorts help us not only see this horrible experience through her own eyes but also feel it.  An emotional, clever film that will stay in your heart."  

~ Roy Zafrani 
Top Shorts Online Film Festival

Top Shorts Review.JPG


"The nascent Onomatopoeia Theatre Company hits the nail on the head by casting two very strong leads to play the doomed titular characters, Rosencrantz (Miranda Jean Larson) and Guildenstern (Jocelyn Vammer), from Shakespeare’s Hamlet."
- Tami Shaloum 

Stage Buddy

"(R&G) have traditionally been played by men but this instance of gender-blind casting works beautifully, with both Larson and Vammer providing a welcome degree of light-hearted insouciance in their roles."
- Alan Miller 

A Seat on the Aisle Blog

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