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"Growing up, my brothers and I would watch movies to the end of the credits and then immediately go back and watch it again with the director's commentary.  I was and am fascinated with the magical things you can do with a few lights and a camera."
- Miranda Jean Larson

"Innocence" (short film)

Innocence is a short film about a young woman and her experience being sexually assaulted at a college party. A child tries to save her from committing suicide.

This was my first short film for which I was Screenwriter, Lead Actress, Co-Director, and Producer.  we won several awards for "Innocence" including Best Short Film (IFFNY) and Best Indie Film (March 2018 Top Shorts).


Directing actress Mikayla Desroches on the set of "Innocence"

"Valhalla" (short film)

Coming Soon:
After losing their village, a Viking father trains his daughter as a warrior to fight against primal beings and be accepted into Valhalla.

Directed by Zachary M. Larson
Executive Produced by Miranda Jean Larson

Video Editor 

As an editor, I work with
Adobe Creative Cloud

The 24 Hour Plays

I was the Lead Editor and Post Producer
at the 24 Hour Plays under Artistic Director, Mark Armstrong
for nearly three years (2021-2023).

The 24 Hour Plays is a theatre company in
New York City which produces 10+ plays in under 24 hours!

I edited for their Viral Monologues program and was their
Video Designer for The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway 2022.  


Speak Up, Act Out: Celebrating Student Voices

Alongside The New Victory Theatre, The Lilly's, and
The 24 Hour Plays, I worked as a film editor to showcase new monologue works written by elementary and middle school students in the NYC area in celebration for Lorraine Hansberry's statue arriving in Times Square in 2022. 


Diamond Talent Productions

Diamond Talent is Miranda's home performing arts studio.  They hired her to create amazing videos for their 25th Anniversary in 2022.  She is honored to be a Diamond Alumni which has trained several Broadway and Regional performers, dance company members, a Radio City Rockette, and several actors and filmmakers. 


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