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"Innocence" (short film)

A young woman is assaulted at a college party.
A child tries to save her from committing suicide.


Credits: Screenwriter, Lead Actress, Co-Director, and Producer

Best Short Film (IFFNY)
Best Indie Film (March 2018 Top Shorts)
IndieFEST Film Awards: Award of Recognition for Women Filmmakers



Directing actress Mikayla Desroches
on the set of "Innocence"

IFFNY Award Winner Laurel.jpg
Best Indie Film copy.JPG
Honorable Mention GOLD.png

Winning Best Short Film
for Innocence at IFFNY

Innocence Premiere Photos 14.JPG

Panel at our first private screening
at the Producer's Club in NYC

Top Shorts Review.JPG

"Valhalla" (short film)

Coming Soon:
After losing their village, a Viking father trains his daughter as a warrior to fight against primal beings and be accepted into Valhalla.

Directed by Zachary M. Larson
Executive Produced by Miranda Jean Larson

View our Seed and Spark here!

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